Illustrated History of Apple’s iPhone | Highsnobiety

As regularly as clockwork, Apple has unveiled a brand new iPhone for the last nine years running. It first revolutionized the smartphone market, both in terms of features and design, and each subsequent arrival has seen standards and expectations pushed further than ever before. It’s argued that Samsung produce better, more capable phones, but they never generate the hype of an Apple product and probably never will. Apple’s products are just “cooler.” It’s hard to explain why that is in the same way that it’s hard to explain exactly what “cool” is – you just know it when you see it. What’s for certain is that Apple’s dedication to crafting such beautiful devices that work as simply and effortlessly as possible has created some of the most memorable designs of modern times. To celebrate those achievements, I teamed with Highsnobiety to create an illustrated history of the design of the Apple iPhone. Full Article:

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